Friends In the Wild July 9th-13th

This program is all about diving deep into one’s imagination with a little help from one’s friends. Children will pick a stuffed animal from home to bring to the barnyard this week. They will be doing everything from making cars & grand-scale ramps for their pets to ride in to having a giant salon experience with their furry friends. Together, they will enjoy many adventures -- inspiring hours of pretend play out in the wild.

Due to state regulations, we can only accept campers using CES waivers—no private pay at this time. This restriction ONLY applies to children under the age of 5. Children ages 5 and up do NOT need to have a CES waiver. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter. Contact the farm and your case manager for more information regarding CES waivers.

Campers must be able to meet all activities of daily living independently (with appropriate reminders from staff). Their receptive language skills must be strong enough for them to follow verbal directions from staff members. To ensure the safety of our animals, campers and staff, we cannot accept campers who present with major behavioral challenges. Thank you for your understanding.

Transportation is available. Contact the farm to learn more!

Program Dates: July 9th-13th
Times: 9:00AM-12:00PM
Ages: 3-5 year olds
Capacity: 20