Sensory Adventures July 23rd-27th

This week is sensory extraordinaire. The children will be doing everything creating a water run that stretches the length of the barnyard to enjoying partner mud experiences to making sledding in foam! There will also be plenty of time for free play, cooking over an open fire, and games in the wild. This program is sure to challenge the mind, while fully engaging the senses at the same time.

Campers must be able to meet all activities of daily living independently (with appropriate reminders from staff). Their receptive language skills must be strong enough for them to follow verbal directions from staff members. To ensure the safety of our animals, campers and staff, we cannot accept campers who present with major behavioral challenges. Thank you for your understanding.

We accept both private pay and CES waivers. Contact the farm and your case manager for more information regarding CES waivers. Transportation is available. Contact the farm to learn more!

720-996-1830 Ext 102

Program Dates: July 23rd-27th
Times: 9:00AM-3:00PM
Ages: 7-12 year olds
Capacity: 20